Thursday, 13 June 2013

The end

As there are approximately 1.7 school days left in this school year, I have a few thoughts, and have learnt a few things about myself. I will start by saying that in my case, the old dog couldn't quite learn the new tricks. I was able to do what ever was expected of me, I just couldn't find enough in me to care. In the end this result is unfortunate, because I am quite capable of passing grade 12. There is just other ways I would have rather done it. As well as on a different and more appropriate schedule according to myself, which I mean makes sense to me! No matter the topic, this year I could not find the motivation anywhere. Being so close to the end, and yet having no idea where you're going to go after the end is a stressful situation let me tell ya. I feel as if the fact that it was still an in school assignment was the part that made me lack motivation the most. I don't want to learn for anyone else's sake. I don't want people to tell me I have to learn. I understand that at some point, that's what has to happen, but I feel as if i'm already past that point, and I would just like to take it by myself from here. Well from here, that would've been nice months ago.
At the end of this semester, with a different result from what I had formerly hoped for, I am going to conclude that to someone who has all sorts of issues with, and in a school setting, in the end school is school. Self based learning, or not, i'm still doing essentially what i'm being told to do, and that's exactly what a break from would be helpful.

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