Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Good Learning

Week 3 is now over, and if you read my first post, I'm not much further than topic ideas. If you haven't read my first post, we are basically exploring a new way of education that allows us to learn on a subject of our choice, as long as we demonstrate our learning with specific outcomes.

One thing thinking about this has made me realize is that I don't feel like I'm legitimately interested in, or passionate about much. That's not saying I think I know a lot of things, it's saying that I just don't feel like a curious person. It also plays off of the motivation thing I touched on in my last post, which may start lacking as the excitement towards graduation starts to build up.

Poems are continuing to be read on a daily basis in our class. We have been reviewing terms such as: alliteration, metaphor, enjambment, and other words that should come in a standard poetic toolkit. Our class is also reading Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury in the 1950s. This is my first experience with dystopian literature. This semester has shown me how much i enjoy group discussions, because in each one of my courses, I am reading some sort of literature from short stories, to fiction novels, and christian non-fiction, having an updated discussion at least bi-daily.

Something that is being stressed in each of my classes taught by Mr Hazeu is the importance of asking questions. I agree with this, because a good question allows for 'good' learning. This also forces my peers and I to look deeper into the text for meaning, which will in time develop our literary skills.